Top Websites built with Laravel Framework

Laravel, the elegant and expressive PHP framework, has rapidly gained traction in the web development community since its inception in 2011. It has become a preferred choice for Laravel developers due to its robust features, scalability, and ease of use. According to Google Trends data, Laravel has emerged as the front-runner amongst popular PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Codeigniter, and CakePHP in the past half-decade, exhibiting the highest value of Interest over time.

This blog will explore the top websites built with Laravel and analyze how the framework has facilitated their development and success. We will delve into the unique features that make Laravel a preferred choice for building complex web applications and showcase how businesses have leveraged the framework to enhance their online presence.

  1. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a robust open-source invoicing solution designed to assist businesses and independent contractors with payment processing, expense tracking, invoice customization, and proposal creation. Although not as widely recognized in the market, Invoice Ninja operates as a potent SaaS model and software service, allowing users to select between hosting the solution on their personal infrastructure or accessing it through a public cloud. With over 170,000 businesses relying on Invoice Ninja, it has established a reputation as a swift and effortless invoicing platform.

  1. Alison

Since its establishment in 2007, Alison has emerged as a prominent eLearning platform that provides online education and skills development courses. The platform offers various online courses, diplomas, and certificates across multiple categories: IT, sales and marketing, health, language, personal development, engineering and construction, management, teaching, and academics. With a vast user base of over 20 million learners spanning 195 countries worldwide, Alison is revolutionizing how people upgrade their skills and knowledge.

  1. Barchart

Barchart is a preeminent global research platform for futures, stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency, specifically designed to furnish investors and traders with a swift yet comprehensive outlook of multiple markets, including the US, UK, Canada, and beyond. 

The platform encompasses an extensive repertoire of fundamental and technical research tools catering to domestic and international markets, all seamlessly integrated under one roof. The platform’s user base surpassed 3.7 million as of January 2021, a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality market research to traders and investors worldwide.

  1. MyRank

MyRank is yet another premier eLearning platform created using the Laravel framework, established as India’s most acclaimed self-assessment platform. It provides online learning and educational guidance to students who aspire to attain their academic objectives. The platform offers comprehensive assistance for courses such as NTSE, Bank PO, MPC/PCM, Gate, GRE, MSc Agri, and others. Boasting a multitude of achievements, MyRank has succeeded in enrolling around 36 402 students, resolving 91,389 queries, and administering 100, 568 tests. These statistics indicate the platform’s incredible success and how it has become an invaluable resource for learners across India.

  1. Alphacoders.com

AlphaCoders.com is a distinctive platform that brings content creators and their fans together to collaborate on lucrative revenue-generating opportunities. This platform provides extensive content, including images, avatars, art, and more, which users can search for and use for their projects. Developed utilizing the Laravel framework, AlphaCoders.com has rapidly expanded its global reach thanks to its exceptional offerings and unique features.

  1. Laracasts

Laracasts is a website constructed utilizing Laravel that serves as a hub for developers seeking to enhance their web development proficiency. The platform offers a plethora of courses covering a vast range of topics, including JavaScript, Git, Laravel, PHP, Vue, and others. Currently, Laracasts boasts over 3 million users and receives high praise from numerous developers in the Laravel community.

  1. CheckPeople

CheckPeople is a Laravel-based website that countless individuals in the United States trust for locating long-lost relatives, former friends, or classmates. This platform enables people to easily search for basic information, criminal records, background checks, and other relevant details about someone else. CheckPeople has simplified the process of finding email addresses, phone numbers, and more. What sets this platform apart from other comparable websites is its emphasis on simplicity, from the design to navigation, and the categorizing results in a user-friendly manner, making it easy to use without overwhelming the user.

  1. OctoberCMS

October CMS is a self-hosted, open-source, and free content management (CMS) platform. It is a Laravel-based CMS platform that has won several awards and is relied upon by numerous web developers and digital studios worldwide, including KFC, Nestle, and Toyota. The primary reason October CMS is the top choice for professionals building online businesses is its ability to reuse code efficiently, saving significant time.


The Laravel framework is excellent for building robust, high-performing websites that deliver a seamless user experience. As demonstrated by the examples of the top websites built with Laravel, the framework offers a range of tools and features that make it an ideal choice for developing complex web applications.

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