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Our motto is to bring real value to people and organizations by building highly skilled and engaged teams. The moment we receive a job description from our clients we connect them with handpicked highly qualified and experienced candidates who are passionate about using their skills to contribute to the success and growth of the firm.

Accurate candidate selection and screening are the first steps in creating an agile workforce that would follow the company’s vision for growth and success. Our technical team puts each candidate through a thorough screening procedure before making a decision to recruit them to our team. In a nutshell, the screening procedure includes sifting through resumes to identify the applicant who most closely fits the job description. Our team not only skims through resumes but also focuses on other factors such as candidates’ cover letters, educational background, work experience, and skill set to determine whether they are a good fit for the firm.

We hire global talents thus our experts are located all across the globe and are passionate enough to be a part of our client’s success journey.

Our experts are experienced individuals who facilitate remote working and are available for any type of remote job across the globe.

There have only been a few situations where clients have found it absolutely necessary to have a MyTalents specialist on-site, so if this is genuinely a must, we can work with you to arrange to coordinate an individual or team to your location for a specific amount of time.

Our clients hold all the rights and ownership to the work created by a MyTalents expert.

Our top priority is keeping your crucial data safe and secure. In order to protect your information, each member of our talent network has consented to adhere to a confidentiality clause in their contract and agreement.

Simply visit our website, select “Hire My Talents,” and fill the form. We’ll get in touch with you to learn more about your requirements for the candidate. Then, you may select the developer, and we’ll draught an agreement in accordance with our understanding for a mutually convenient period of time.

Bank wire transfers and credit cards are both acceptable forms of payment for us.

We normally bill our clients twice a month but there are chances for flexibility here. Our clients can evaluate the costs before processing as invoices are generated with Net 10 terms.

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