Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation and Contractual Staffing Agencies- What should you know?

As the best staffing agency, we at Mytalents act as the primary connection between companies and candidates. We organize the recruitment procedure seamlessly. We will help the company hire the ideal candidate for the company if you want to hire the perfect candidates in 2022. Then you should contact Mytalents manpower agency in Penang.

Quick staffing services mean Mytalents develop swift, agile, and flexible for a brief period known as temporary staffing services. In this service, we give the best offer to a company for scaling its workload and hiring senior and middle-level candidates. Nowadays, Mytalents help companies to recruit senior and middle-level candidates for different industries. As one of the top recruitment agencies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we analyze the candidates extensively, screen their complete applications, and save our clients valuable time.

Role of Mytalents in developing your Company’s Workforce

Mytalents allow the company to evaluate the candidates efficiently before the onboarding to the notice period. Experts at Mytalents will give you the best advice for getting your perfect candidates. Our experts will help you to recruit candidates for this staffing solution.

A recruitment agency in Malaysia for international recruiting will do the ideal recruitment of the candidates on behalf of their qualifications. The primary specialty of our staffing agency is to offer the best job roles in different industries to the candidates. The working procedure of staffing agencies is quite similar. However, there are some steps involved in it.

The candidate should be in touch with a staffing agency

We receive the information when hiring for any company. They will give job roles, no. of position, pay rates and many more details regarding the recruitment. Then staffing agency creates their description and posts them on their handles.

Application procedure

The candidates can apply online on the company’s website. They can contact the headhunter company in Malaysia by application, and then the recruiter will screen them if they fit the job role. Furthermore, the application is passed to the company.

Interview procedure

After the application shortlisting, the interview will be on different levels. The Asia employment agency knows that interview is the most necessary procedure for testing the knowledge of shortlisted candidates. And if candidates clear the interview round, the company will inform and take the process further.

Pay and agreements

Mytalents also take care of various papers works during the recruitment process. We do most of the agreement work and save time for candidates and companies. We the job recruitment agency Malaysia will directly pay the candidates, but if the company likes the performance of the candidate, then they will offer permanent payroll from the company.

Common Misconceptions Associated with Recruitment Agencies
  • Staffing agencies are the most expensive
  • You cannot hire qualitative candidates through a staffing solution
  • Staffing agencies are doing resume forwarding
Ways in which Mytalents is negotiating Staff Augmentation Challenges

Markets crashed, businesses collapsed, and unemployment skyrocketed because of the global pandemic Covid19. However, as we step into 2022, things are slowly getting back to normal. A new phase of the recruitment process has begun, with staffing companies developing innovative assessments and creative concepts to align the company’s requirements with skilled candidates.

After a couple of challenging years, acquiring quality clients and hunting for agile talent has become the main priority for staffing companies. According to data, around 70% of the agencies are optimistic about revenue growth in 2022. But how do you go about doing it? Let’s find out the key acts that assure the success of Mytalents.

Building a Better Network

LinkedIn is one of the professional marketplaces where you can easily find your target clients. But before that, optimize your profile, post regularly on social media, and point out the touchpoints of clients and how your services can help them. Cold emailing is another way where you can promote your services.

Our Work Process

Here is the list of our work processes you should be aware of.

  1. Intensive Research
    Our team comprehends the requirements of the clients in terms of technology and business domain. Based on the client’s requirements, we execute intensive research.
  2. Upgraded Profile DB
    We have a separate team whose sole objective is to keep our candidate database upgraded and current. This permits us to find candidates who aren’t available on job portals.
  3. Screening for Quick Turnarounds
    We have an expert team of HR and technical panels who are available to analyze candidates based on the requirements of our clients. That’s why we are able to offer resumes to clients with the lowest turnaround time.
We work as Partners and not as Vendors
  • We work with the sole objective to solve the problems of our clients. It is our aim to provide our clients with relevant solutions.
  • We comprehend the cultural and business requirements of our clients to ensure we target the appropriate candidates for the job.
  • We offer end-to-end IT staffing services to make sure that the candidates are suitable for the job. In other words, we make sure that the candidates stay with you for longer durations.
  • Our commitment to partnership ensures that the team of our client performs as an extension of their own organization.
  • Our statutory compliance division is one of the best in the industry. We make sure that all statutory payments are made on time and that all documentation is maintained properly.
  • We have a unique employee engagement model which allows each candidate to realize their dreams. In short, our services are ideal for candidates seeking jobs in leading IT companies.
Get High-Quality On-Demand IT Staff from us

Our team of account managers and recruiters partner with clients to offer the most qualified and reliable IT consultants. Our experience spans several key industries and business niches and not just technology. We provide the talent which tech leaders require to ensure the smooth deployment of the system. We leverage deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies and market drivers. We are adept at bridging the IT talent supply gap through our solutions.

The expertise of Mytalents in Recruitment and Augmentation

Mytalents is ready to help businesses get skilled and highly efficient professionals. Their expertise is to put together staffing in any company. Mytalents’ objective is to give better job opportunities to the employees. The job agency in Johor Bahru takes pride in designing the best kind of professional environment. They also work on the vision and mission of the enterprise to maintain its ideology.
Mytalents are ready to operate in diversified and dynamic global markets. Get your desired candidates from Mytalents with their unique selection process. They work within the limits which are imposed by your requirements. Mytalents maintains a database of workers to serve your immediate and time-specific requirements.

Mytalents- A Reliable & Cost-Efficient Recruitment Agency

Mytalents is the go-to destination for optimizing and automating every essential candidate touchpoint. It is the duty of Mytalents to connect your company with the right talent intelligently.
We understand the importance of the right time to provide reliable service. The professionals of Mytalents work on the cost-efficient recruitment process for every company’s needs. In addition, we work on activating and building a powerful brand using dynamic experiences.

Get Inspiring Staffing Solutions from Mytalents

Mytalents work to connect employees with companies. The process can be temporary, contractual, or direct hire. We focus on every industry to ensure top-notch staffing solutions. So, whether the client is looking for any kind of IT employee (Graphic designer, android developer, PHP developer, Angular Developer, etc.), they can rely on Mytalents. They are always ready to find the perfect fit for every company.

Solving Recruitment Using Technology

Mytalents work with digital transformation to ensure a proper recruitment process. Our services have evolved with the growth of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, etc. We understand the expectation of a tech-enabled recruitment experience. Mytalents work on proper evaluation with a unique recruitment system. It will benefit your business as an Australian job agency in Malaysia that keeps all the crucial things in mind.

  • Mytalents uses a unique algorithm to understand every candidate specifically. Therefore, technology is the best solution to have a good recruitment source.
  • Mytalents work on volume hiring with mass verification for the candidates. In addition, our export management solution helps you to sort and categorize every candidate.
  • Mytalents and its professionals work on the team-building process by partnering with the company. In addition, we use technology to understand the ability and qualifications of the candidate.

They initiate their staff augmentation journey by going through every candidate using their unique algorithm. It enables them to proceed with the categorizing of different industries. Mytalents schedule the interview process to proceed with the hiring step. They also connect potential candidates with efficient companies.

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