Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Role of Mytalents in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In this world of competition, landing a job is not as easy as it sounds. When every person in front of you is ready to pull you down to favor them, we must get ahead of the race and that is where top recruitment firms in Malaysia come into place. As the best staffing agency, we at Mytalents are your go-to spot to help fill in vacant positions in your company.

In addition, recruitment agencies are much more convenient as they cut down the time needed to look through all the sent applications related to a job vacancy in Kuala Lumpur. Mytalents gives a sure guarantee on the placement of their candidate, so that means that the element of risk and chance is significantly lessened on the candidate. In addition, the replacement is often provided free of charge, which is a plus.

Joining a recruitment agency like ours in the form of Mytalents is a win-win for both companies and future employees. Recruiting companies like Mytalents benefit from access to many suitable candidates and expert skills and can easily pick out the best candidates to their heart’s content. At the same time, the selected employees have a sure guarantee of their job placement.

Faster hiring

As it says, hiring agency Malaysia will shorten the time needed to fill vacant positions, without the hassle of looking through tons of profiles and applications and then verifying the top ones.

Higher quality

Using a recruitment agency like Mytalents guarantees the improved quality of candidates in the recruitment process. Since there is such a demand for high quality, and such a high influx of candidates, we as the top staffing company have all the time in the world to handpick the best out of the best.


Collaborating with a recruitment agency like Mytalents will help you to inculcate a more specialist level of knowledge that an in-house recruiter may not easily possess. Having job consultants in Malaysia for foreigners to guide you in specialized fields, can give you better knowledge and a deeper understanding of the field.

There are some factors you need to consider while joining a recruitment company. Recruitment agencies in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the form of Mytalents will go out of their way to procure the best candidates possible for the vacant position. We have the same level of understanding and experience of the company culture as the employees who live and breathe in it every day. So in a way, recruitment companies can guarantee a candidate, but whether the candidate will stay and work efficiently is up to them.

Use of the Latest Technological Platforms by Mytalents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage in talent acquisition has attained incremental traction since hiring methods have advanced.

The prodigious acceptance of artificial intelligence can be tied to its numerous benefits that focus on making recruitment stress-free, efficient, and more precise. It allows recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate and interview candidates much more easily than in conventional ways.

As per research, about 96 percent of HR managers think that artificial intelligence can enhance talent acquisition and sustain considerably.

For the past many years, seeking the ideal candidate in high-demand talent pools has been emphasized as one of the main hurdles to enticing top talent. As well, artificial intelligence has developed therefore to aid solve this issue.

Executing AI in talent acquisition by a job agency in Malaysia is more than just accessing candidate data. Recruiters also use it to find the right candidate for the work.

What is AI in Recruiting?

AI in recruiting is intended to simplify or automate a few sections of the recruiting workflow, mainly repetitive, high-volume work. For instance, software that employs machine learning to auto-screen candidates or software that directs sentiment scrutiny on job descriptions is efficient.

Key Use-Cases of Artificial Intelligence used by Mytalents
Candidate screening

The recruiters can easily lose out on prospective candidates if they handle hundreds or thousands of them per job. These candidates might be in the pool, but it turns out to be tougher to seek every individually strong prospect because of the sheer volume.

Artificial intelligence assists talent acquisition teams by completely screening the applicant pool and, thus, scoring on their prospective fit.

The latter saves a lot of screening time for recruiters when giving more flexibility to concentrate on top talent. Artificial intelligence can even assist in raising candidate engagement by sending emails, chats, or assignments automatically.

Diversified hiring

Artificial intelligence recruiting solutions add to diverse hiring by lessening basic partiality aspects that a human would nearly subconsciously put up with. It is widespread that forming a diverse workforce gives companies loads of benefits, ranging from raised creativity and novelty to employee efficiency and retention.


There are some organizational works in the offer and onboarding stage of employee development that must be directed frequently and, as such, can need HR bandwidth and resources. Artificial intelligence can assist in automating routine work such as making templates for offer letters, organizing employee records, providing onboarding documents, and dealing with background checks.

Posting jobs

Artificial intelligence has allowed the top recruiter in Malaysia to run more targeted advertisements that yield better outcomes. Programmatic ads are employed nowadays to show targeted advertisements to the ideal candidate audience. High-targeted advertisements are made probable utilizing the prospect’s professional interests, demographics, and cookies. Cookies show the kind of jobs prospective candidates were more fascinated by going to job and career posting pages.

Candidate sourcing

Artificial intelligence can socialize the procedure and results of candidate sourcing. Since it can process data at scale, the reach is wider, and the procedure of creating talent pools is quicker. For instance, around 300 million job profiles can be crawled online in no time. Hence, artificial intelligence can help eliminate the tough and time-consuming work of sourcing candidates on job boards, social media platforms, and viewing online CVs.

Appointing remote employees

Accepting remote or distant work has boomed for more than a decade. In the United States, millions of individuals work distantly. While running an absolute remote hiring procedure, employers can leverage AI devices for evaluating the personality, skill, and ability of a candidate.

Data collection

Assistants and chatbots offer an easy and effective way to collect data from applicants. Screening questions and vital application data can be gathered by the chatbot and shared with recruiters right away and saved to the application.

Automation in simple screening questions can save the talent acquisition team the lengthy procedure of texting, calling, and sending emails.

What Are the Challenges of Using AI Mytalents is facing?
AI can learn human biases

AI in recruitment assures to lower lifeless bias by overlooking details like the age, race, and gender of the candidate. But, AI is competent to determine patterns in prior behavior. That implies that any human bias that might be in the recruitment procedure could be learned by AI if established with no due diligence.

AI demands loads of data

Typically, AI demands a large amount of data for learning how to correctly mimic human intelligence. For instance, AI that executes machine learning requires loads of data for learning how to screen CVs as precisely as a human recruiter.

The initiation of artificial intelligence in talent acquisition is apparent, mainly among organizations that give priority to the quality of their workforce diversity, hires, and recruiter productivity.

Values of Mytalents in the Recruitment Process

Honesty is the best policy for your company. Mystery creates suspicion. Withheld information usually finds its way to spread in the office, and its context can be interpreted with considerable distortion. Overall quality is that workers are more concerned about the success of the investment business and owners.

The study of small businesses indicates that employees tend to overestimate profits greatly. These studies also show that presenting to the staff’s knowledge of current financial information results in a significant way to control costs voluntarily initiated by employees.

Understanding the job is essential as understanding your organization, its strategic direction, culture, and core values of the company. If you are the right person you have ever had the pleasure of hiring, you must understand what the ‘right person would look like to you.

Be strategic in your recruitment efforts and select the HR Asia employment services whose recruitment resources are frequented by the type of talent you need. So now you have all the knowledge possible about recruitment firms in Malaysia. Now it is up to you whether you want to join a recruitment agency, hire a candidate through it, or do it all by yourself.

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