Permanent Hiring

Changing scenario and positive aspects of the permanent company hiring

Job search has never been easy, but it may become so if you know how a staffing agency works on its permanent hiring strategy. Many staffing agencies have come up these days, making it easy for aspirants to get through their dream job. The agencies approach candidates with the motive of easy job search, using effective filters on job portals. But it is Mytalents agency that helps search for a position that matches your skill and is suitable as per employees’ and employers’ requirements.

Though staffing agencies are available at work for a long time, not candidates from all genres can access jobs of their choice. This is where one knows the importance of a permanent hiring strategy at staffing agencies. It gives detailed insight into today’s competitive market. You need someone to forward your resume to the right person, and this is what a hiring agency i.e. Mytalents in Malaysia can help with.

How Permanent Employment Offers Benefit Over Other Forms?

Permanent hiring is a form of direct hiring in Malaysia where a candidate receives direct payment from the employer. In this, the employer offers a special benefits package, and it may vary depending on the employee’s status.

Before you understand the benefits of permanent hiring in Malaysia, understanding the importance of contract hiring and permanent hiring can help you. The benefits of the two are slightly different. This is important to check before looking for available options from a particular hiring source.

Mytalents focuses on the importance of permanent hiring over other forms. We also help job seekers in Malaysia when searching for any job and opt for the right option.

1.Focus on business growth and advancement

When there is a contract hire, it is mainly based on an individual’s specific skill set suitable for a particular position in the company. However, when it is permanent staff, the option to invest in the training and development program is rewarding and viable. Moreover, the team members can progress through their departmental growth, taking on a future leadership position that contributes to business growth effectively. So, the long-term hire brings in better sets of benefits for the employee and the company.

2.Get involved with the company culture

Short-term employees need more time to get immersed in the company culture and know about it. Having ideas about company culture and getting involved in social activity can be suitable. However, permanent staff can get to know the company culture. Firstly, it attracts engaged staff giving high loyalty to the business, and secondly, businesses try to retain their valued staff from which the company can benefit. If aiming to hire potential staff for your business, ensure that the employees are committed to fulfilling the business objectives.

3.Longevity of service

When employees work for a long time in a business, they have better company knowledge that they gain over time. This role varies from time to time. Someone from the marketing or HR team requires a good level of knowledge about the company and departmental work. Knowing about the history of a company helps the person strategically plan for the future and gain better ideas. This is where permanent staffing can be fruitful. This is important to consider when you find a job in Malaysia.

4.Network Opportunities

When an individual is working with some people and locations for longer, more days at a stretch, it is easy to work on their personal and professional relations. The relations help fulfill the necessity to grow your social network in the best way possible. Your coworkers can connect with your opportunities, both from internal and external sources. So, try to make the most of long-term hires, which should be suitable for the organization.

Evolution in the job market in Malaysia and pandemic

Given the previous scenario of the job market as per demand for job hiring in Malaysia in 2019, there have been drastic market changes. The staffing agencies have to search for candidates differently. There has been a great change in the demand and supply job market covering various industries after the pandemic. But as people are approaching normalcy slowly, the demand from recruiters is again coming, and the staffing agencies are trying to search for potential candidates for companies.

However, to emerge stronger from the pandemic crisis, companies should focus on reskilling the workforce. It will help companies make up for the losses they have been through the past two and half years and cope with its lasting impacts on company growth and sales. This is something the job recruitment agency in Malaysia should focus on.

Even when companies hire in Malaysia, a difference in their talent strategy can help develop employees’ critical cognitive and digital capabilities, work on social and emotional skills more and understand potential better. Besides, permanent hiring, doubling the learning budget, and focusing on reskilling can be fruitful. Developing in this way will help companies fight strongly against any future disruptions. Reskilling and upskilling the workforce helps cope with the new business models in the post-pandemic time.

Assistance to get from the permanent hiring team

The job scenario is changing, and to cope with the change, Mytalents plans strategically to guide the applicants. The hiring service should benefit the applicants, covering up for the following:

  • Find potential candidates from the right source and evaluate them from the candidate pool
  • Employment history and verification skills of candidates
  • Reference checks
  • Coordinate online and in-person interview sessions and execute it right
  • Handle the background check of candidates
  • Offer presentation and carry out salary negotiation

Therefore, as a staffing agency, we have in-depth knowledge of the following as well.

Mytalents claim to be recruitment specialists as they are well versed in industry trends and scenarios. With years of experience in the placement and permanent hiring, they find it the best time to search for potential candidates for the permanent hiring category in a company. We are one of the good staffing agencies, and it is mainly possible due to our team of proactive and headhunting recruiters and their vast pool of talented candidates. This makes us among the most reliable headhunter company in Malaysia and reputable staffing agencies in Malaysia.

Permanent hiring and contract staffing – How one is better than the other?

Companies in various niches are into hiring contract workers and it is mainly to cope with the evolving nature of the business world. It is seen that large companies are good to go with their substantial increase in incorporating the flexible workforce, and with this, the number of workers can be predicted to increase in the coming years. When encouraging a flexible structure, it is seen that one in two employees have utilized contract professionals in the last few years.

However, the original hiring trend has been derailed already due to the onset of the pandemic and other external factors. During uncertain periods, companies usually prefer to go by contract staffing than permanent hiring. It is an excellent way to manage headcount and expenses, limiting them before crossing the control line.

Hiring permanently for remote roles? Here’s what companies can get from it

As an impact of the pandemic, some changes would be more permanent and acceptable than before. Organizations have found that many employees in the remote mode of work give their best in terms of performance. Resulting, employees are opting for the remote mode of work. No matter what the organization’s situation is like, companies are opting for permanent remote job options due to lack of location and setup and can easily coordinate with the remote team. But there are some positive aspects of opting for this remote permanent hiring mode.

Are there specific roles to doing it remotely?

Roles like computer programmer, website designer, digital marketer, developer, and call center work can be operated remotely. And the pandemic has proved even better that these roles can operate in remote mode, both in the current scenario and in the future. It requires a high degree of screen time accompanied by interaction via email or phone or chat, or video technology that effectively helps remote work.

If you plan to work remotely in Malaysia, Mytalents will offer better remote hiring options and get to include potential candidates in the team. Company managers ensure a good relationship of trust among employees to ensure that they give their best in the remote work mode. This would make the employees motivated and engaged, and it is accompanied by clear and constant means of communication.

Wrapping it up

So, remote permanent hiring can be beneficial for business, provided business leaders can leverage it right and plan strategically for implementing tasks and others over remote mode. So, upload your cv here at Mytalents, find the ideal job for you, and get the best opportunity for growth. Our permanent hiring services are the best solutions. It is mainly due to our expertise to evaluate the aptitude and understanding of a candidate who is a perfect fit for a particular position in an organization.

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