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An iOS developer is responsible for developing and designing mobile applications for devices powered by Apple’s iOS OS. Experienced and highly skilled iOS developers have expertise in programming languages like Objective-C or Swift, to develop iOS mobile apps. They also excel at testing your application for responsiveness, bugs, and other risks to assure peak performance. iOS developers also take care of the maintenance and upgradation of your iOS app.

The cost of hiring an iOS developer solely depends on your needs for your project. The cost of hiring an iOS developer might vary depending on a number of factors, including expertise, experience, locality, and market conditions. A basic iOS developer might typically bill $20 per hour.

When hiring an iOS developer, the first thing to consider is whether or not the developer has a solid experience in mobile development and a good skill set for iOS programming. An iOS developer should possess a broad range of technical skills which includes comprehensive knowledge of programming languages like Swift 3.0, Objective-C, or JavaScript as these are widely used for iOS app development. In addition to having knowledge of Xcode IDE, core data framework, and memory management, they must be proficient in source control and unit testing as well.

Finally, find someone eager to understand your business's needs and objectives for the app. This will guarantee that they can fulfill your requirements and offer advice on improving your product and enhancing it to give an in-rich user experience.

Yes, although android and iOS are two different operating systems with separate frameworks and regulations, it is possible to convert an android app to iOS. In fact, if you're creating a mobile app, you'll probably need to create both an iOS and an Android version. However, not all developers have the amount of experience and knowledge that is necessary for the process. It is advised that startups engage with developers having experience in converting Android apps to iOS.

In comparison to android iOS applications are generally easy to develop. iOS developers use Swift Apple’s native programming language whereas android developers generally use Java/kotlin for their programs. Swift is typically easier to use and necessitates less code work when developing native mobile apps. Less code results in less time and money spent creating an iOS app for devices like the iPhone or iPad.

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